This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Ladies Guild

Guild Officers

President: Kathy Kilzer

Vice President: Nancy Quandt

Secretary: Dian Centers

Treasurer: Sarah Marsaglia

What is Ladies Guild?
How do I become a member of Ladies Guild?
Who can I call if I have questions or want to get involved?
What is the “MISSION BOX” I have heard about?

The 12 Guilds making up Ladies Guild

  1. Bible & Prayer Guild promotes enjoyable use of the Holy Bible at the Guild meetings and in our daily lives. It encourages people to attend one of the Wednesday morning Bible study offered at noon.
  2. Prayer Chain unites members in imploring God’s aid for our needs and in giving thanks to him.
  3. Chancel Guild cares for chancel furnishings such as our candlesticks and alter permanents, prepares for and cleans up after Communion, Baptisms and weddings.
  4. Hospitality Guild creates a welcoming atmosphere for members as well as guests. They also keep in touch with members in the military, letting them know they are in our prayers. This Guild is responsible for making coffee and tea for our “coffee and donut time” after the first service on Sunday. The members also schedule Coffee Servers and Greeters to welcome people as they arrive for our Sunday services.
  5. Kitchen Guild is responsible for congregational dinners and all receptions including for weddings. In addition this Guild in charge of the Easter Breakfast and the reception following the Children’s Christmas Program.
  6. Library Guild selects books for our library and supervises borrowing of material while maintaining books in good repair.
  7. Missions Guild distributes mite money to various missions supported by the Ladies Guild. The Braille Center is part of the Guild as some members work at the Braille Center the first Thursday of each month.
  8. Nursery Guild launders crib sheets and sees that toys are kept in good repair.
  9. Program Guild plans varied programs for each Guild meeting throughout the year.
  10. Quilting Circle meets each Thursday morning at 8. All women of the church are invited to quilt.
  11. Sunshine Guild visits and/or sends cards to members, friends, shut-ins, bereaved, and newlyweds. They take alter flowers to the sick and provide funeral dinners. This Guild keeps in contact with Pilgrims who are in the hospital.